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Crashbar IBEX

Crash protection for your motorcycle

At KGL Racing we offer a wide range of crash protection for your motorcycle. Our crash protection from the IBEX brand is specially designed to protect your motorcycle against damage during a fall.

Our crash protection is made of high quality material and is specially designed to protect the vulnerable parts of your motorcycle. Thanks to our crash protection, you can take to the road with confidence, knowing that your motorcycle is protected against any damage.

Our crash protection is easy to install and fits perfectly on your motorcycle. Moreover, our fall protection is available for a competitive price.

View our selection of crash protection on our website and order your Ibex crash protection for your motorcycle today. At KGL Racing we have everything you need for your motorcycle.

Let your motorcycle be protected with the best crash protection from KGL Racing!

Did you know that this manufacturer IBEX also offers engine protection (skid plate), licence plate holders, chain guards and radiator guards, which are specifically made for your motorcycle?


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