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FAR pinkers weerstand 10 watt (2 stuks)

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FAR pinkers weerstand 10 watt 
Resistances operating directions
LED indicators work to a lower wattage than standard bulb-type indicators. It may be necessary therefore to replace the existing relay with a specially designed LED relay with correct wattage. Directions for the correct working of led or lamp blinkers.
When you fit your motorcycle out with led or lamp blinkers an unsteady flashing could take place that is quicker or slower. This happens as the led blinkers have a small power consumption: lamp power consumption is 12V - 21Watt whereas led power consumption is 12V - 3Watt. The difference between 3 and 21Watt is considerable that is why a bigger power consumption will allow the correct flashing.
As you can see in this page we supply resistances with different value so you have to choose the most suitable one to your motorcycle. Alternatively you can replace your analogical relay with the electronic led flasher code 6224 that being electronic will not need any resistance support.
  • Model: G18BB6415
  • Gefabriceerd door: FAR

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