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RAPIDBIKE for TGB 550 FI 12->13 - MODULE Evo


RAPIDBIKE for TGB 550 FI 12->13 - MODULE Evo


Digital multipoint fuel management

Engine brake management (while decelerating) - for RB EVO once the YouTune accessory is connected

Rapid Bike EVO: Total Injection Control

Evolution of the technology and experience gained through RapidBike1, 2 and 3 is an add-on module that interposes between the original ECU and the injectors.

It combines extraordinary high performance with user-friendliness thanks to the self-adaptive feature: RapidBike EVO does not require additional modules to reach this performance, as it includes all the required features in its own working.Objective of this application is "total injection control", which means the total control of the air/fuel ratio through the management of all the injectors (up to eight) and of the oxygen sensors. RapidBike EVO allows to work on injection timing (range from -100% to +150% compared to the original parameters) and on air/fuel ratio related to carburetion.

When driving the motorbike, the self-adaptive feature determines the automatic self-correction of the air/fuel ratio maps: this active management is added up to the pre-set parameters. The adjustments set by RapidBike EVO improve the engine efficiency in order to reach the best performance.

The self-correction process is set in multipoint technology according to RPM and TPS, for the whole range of the engine working, even when the original RPM limiter is raised (when available). RapidBike EVO also supports the management of multiple maps, which means the possibility to calibrate and activate two sets of injection maps with different self-adaptive settings in order to "change air/fuel ratio" with a simple switch. For two-cylinder engine motorbikes, RapidBike EVO allows to set a map with specific self-adaptive corrections for each cylinder to optimize the engine efficiency.

  • Model: KRBEVO-073 - F27-ER-073
  • Manufactured by: Rapidbike

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