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Endy echappement pour SUZUKI GN-250 / TU-250 - ORIGINAL

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Endy echappement pour SUZUKI GN-250 / TU-250 - ORIGINAL

The original type exhaust model is a type of silencer that respects the aes-the)cs of the motorcycle, improving the performance of the engine.
The internal silencer system is speci?cally designed for each motorcycle model, guaranteeing op)mal sound and performance.
The silencer has a chrome ?nish, high quality. The thickness of the material used is 1.2 m / m, the union of these two characteris)cs, o?ers a guarantee against wear over )me.
This range of exhaust consists of the European homologa)on (97/24 / CE of Ju-ne 17, 1997).
  • Modèle : SK-8018/H
  • Fabriqué par : ENDY Exhaust

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