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Arrow pour Aprilia MX-V 4.5 2009/2013 - Ligne complete de Competition Off Road MX avec embout en carbone

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Arrow pour Aprilia MX-V 4.5 2009/2013 - Ligne complete de Competition Off Road MX avec embout en carbone

LINE : Off-Road MX Competition

Homologation : Non

Link schema : http://www.arrow.it/oggetti/4511_Aprilia MX-V 4.5 09-10.pdf

The ending point of the development work done by Arrow in the past years is the Off-Road MX Competition product range.
The experience made in years spent fulfilling top Off-Road teams needs and requirements led to a series of victories and satisfaction (a 8-years-long strip of World Titles in MX1, since 1999) but this led also to Off-Road MX Competition systems.
Exhausts made using the same technology we had to develop on the off-road tracks: a break-through design, components made using CNC-controlled machines, advanced materials, production, welding and assembly processes highly demanding and at the top.
Off-Road MX Competition exhausts are made by 3 major parts: header, mid-pipe and silencer. Junctions between these parts are made by CNC-made components to ensure no gas leaks, a perfect coupling thanks to severe control of tolerances, reliability and a long-lasting performance.
An exhaust made in 3 parts ensure an easy-to-go fitment to the bike, a better reliability and a better handling of stresses and vibration transmitted via the frame to the exhaust. Furthermore, as a problem may always occour, it is so easy to change only the part of the exhaust that was damaged due to a crash or due to a stone, without having to change the whole exhaust.
Headers and mid-pipes are made in titanium: pipe diameters, sections and section changes are carefully designed to maximize engine's performances, with a reduced dimensions and weight. The header is fixed to the engine using a bushing (made using numeric controlled machinery and designed to achieve a perfectly smooth gas flow) and a flange made in aluminium alloy.
Junction between header and mid-pipe is made with a CNC-made bushing also.
The mid-pipe itself is fixed to the frame via a rigid fixing point, increasing stiffness and atability of the exhaust system.
The silencer, made in titanium, ensure smaller dimensions: front and rear endcaps shape is designed to reduce overall lenght of the silencer itself, using every bit of the inner volume and every single millimeter of space around the bike.
Last generation sound-absorbent materials, developed to match Arrow requirements, ensure to keep noise levels as low as the limits stated by the international racing rules, limits being lowered every year.

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  • Modèle : 75108TK
  • Fabriqué par : Arrow

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