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Leovince Uitlaat GILERA NEXUS 250 '06-'08 Granturismo - PROMO

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Leovince Uitlaat GILERA NEXUS 250  '06-'08 Granturismo - PROMO

Compleet met alle toebehoren en installatie-instructies eenvoudig te installeren.?
De uitstekende afwerking van de materialen, de perfecte pasvorm en een geweldig geluid zijn de troeven van Leovince. Leovince is vandaag de nummer 1 in Europa. Leovince systemen zijn uitgerust met alle benodigde montageonderdelen en gedetailleerde instructies.?
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GranTurismo is the new exhaust system created by LeoVince for MaxiScooter 4Strokes, E-Approved in full respect of pending Highway Code. A name synonymous of guarantee: with GranTurismo LeoVince is developing a new sporty product all dedicated to the Italian style. The combination of silencer and collector GranTurismo represents the perfect synthesis among avant-garde design, resistance and long lasting. The logo comes out from the brightness of a brand new badge, closed in a triangular shape, which follows the silencer line: a new design by LeoVince. A conical body made in stainless steel, having a trapezoidal shape at the end cap makes the GranTurismo a sleek and elegant product. Additionally, it also assures a great resistance to the corrosion and it remains reliable at high temperatures. The silencer body is completely covered by a stainless steel heatshield: this solution, besides giving an exceptional look to the product, protects the silencer from the usury and it reduces the overheating, providing to the bike a performance increasing. The inside part of GranTurismo is the result of a compromise between a dissipative silencers system and reactive silencers one. Thanks to the silicon-based soundproof material and a special anti-ageing filter, in a first step the exhaust gases and the noise are filtered; then they meet a multi-chamber system designed to guarantee noise reduction at the exit. The final issue of this system is a product approved, long-lasting and at high performance. The end cap, deep-drawn in stainless steel and internally welded, shows a top-level look: its atypical shape of irregular hexagon presents a smooth line, with rounded corners, perfectly following the ovoid curves of the whole exhaust. Thanks to a graphite bush, with a special internal structure, the junction to the collector is more flexible and safe: for this reason GranTurismo has a perfect resistance to the stress, vibration absorbing and a great lowering effect. Finally, a stainless steel bracket, which is different according each Scooter models and equipped with silent-block to soften the vibrations, impeccably completes this high-tech and innovative product.
  • Model: 3481
  • Gefabriceerd door: Leovince

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